Walk with me…

in Central Park!

A few weeks ago, our photography group Pa/NJ Photo Tour Enthusiasts (http://www.meetup.com/PA-NJ-Photo-Tour-Enthusiasts/) went to Central Park for a photo walk.  I love Central Park!  Now, don’t laugh, because I really didn’t know that until last year.  I thought Central Park was a dark and scary place – you know, where they find bodies on Law and Order and CSI.  But, it is full of life and rich with photography opportunities.

So…walk with me and see some of the sites I saw.  You can do so much in Central Park…

There is fishing…

Imageand there is a big cityImagethere are friends posing for self-portraitsImageand friends helping with self portraitsImagethere are musicians…Imagethere are comediansImageand musiciansImageyou could be fully incased in a bubble!ImageThere is music that is spiritual…Imagethere are make-up artistsImageand more musicians – and more music…ImageI could continue my pursuit of brides and all things wedding.ImageImageImageI could meet up with a friend from Chicago!  Hi Cristina!Imageon the way home, I was rubbing together my sore feet.  But, I had an amazing and happy day.  I just love photography!  It makes me look for beauty and there is just so much, everywhere.  God is good.Image

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